Saturday, May 18, 2013

First Painting Down

I've been apprehensive since I started this trip as to when my first painting would happen.  I thought it might be on my first cave along the Raymer Hollow trail in Mammoth Cave NP.  But no, nothing struck me at that moment.  I thought it might happen driving along the Kentucky highways cruising with the rolling hills and wooden fences.  Alas!  A sunny day in Tennessee no less.  Why not.  It was perfect.  Although the painting may not be the moment was.   Out of the 20 cars that may have passed, at least 5 people slowed down to ask if me and my gal who was sitting next to me if everything was okay or if we needed help... my folks in TN are quite nice.  Thank you southern hospitality!!  Here are a few pics from that occasion.  Finished work yet to be posted... stay tuned. 

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